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Hello gentlemen in this fabulous bayside suburb of Melbourne. My name is Stephanie Hunter. As a Melbourne High Class Luxury Companion, of course I need to add Brighton as a location I will meet you in.

Have you engaged the services of a high class escort before? Or perhaps this is something you would like to try, but havent mustered the courage to do so?

Seriously, it is a lot of fun, and you will wonder why you didnt do it earlier. Provided of course, the company you choose is a good match.

I am an Independent lady, that means, I am not affiliated to escort agencies or third parties liek escort agents.

The beauty in that is that you have direct contact with me throughout the whole process. Whereas with ane scort agency, you are relying on the agent to send the right type of a lady. And often, they get it wrong anyway.

So, what I am trying to say is, book an Independent escort.

Better, still, make arrangements to meet me!

I have added just a few of my favourite pics Just below to entice you!! 

Tel: + 61 400 992 626

Escorts Brighton

Must admit, I havent had too many requests to meet in Brighton, and thats probably because i havent advertised my avaialbility in Brighton. Let’s be real now, I am happy to travel to most parts of Melbourne, provided i am going to a beautiful, clean residence and a lovely gentleman.

No, you dont have to be ” hot”, but you do have to be warm, affectionate, respectful and a gentleman. I promote my availability in the more affluent parts of Melbourne, simply because the gentlemen in those neck of the woods seems to be more my style. I know you think thats nuts, but whom I spend my time with is important to me.

And, not to mention the fact that my fees are not exactly ” affordable” for the masses. So, Toorak, Brighton set are usually the type of gentlemen that can not only afford my fees, but we are just a good match.

Of course, being able to afford my fees does not automatically mean we will be a good match. But if I had to work on probabbility? Most likely we would be a good match.

So, If you think we maybe a good match, get in touch with me, and let’s schedule a date to meet! Dont be shy, give me a call.

Tel: + 61 400 992 626

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