International Availability

I was a lot more flexible with International availability prior to Covid. I used to regularly travel to Switzerland on tour, with availability worldwide. Post COVID, I am still happy to meet anywhere worldwide, however via FMTY ( fly me to you requests only) . No more tours internationally sorry.  Gone are the days of International tourings. Its too hard, and honestly not worth the effort for me.  If you would like to meet me Internationally, I am happy to travel to your chosen location, as long as it is for a minimum of 5 days together.

NYC, London, Paris, Geneva , Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto, Dubai, Monaco are just some of the destinations I have flown to in the past by request.

If you are comfortable for a minimum of 5 day date, then let’s talk.

If you are looking to spend a short space of time with someone outside of Australia, I am not the lady for you. I am not interested sorry.

5 days together – $25,000 USD

10 days together – $40,000 USD

15 days together – $ 45,000 USD

To discuss a trip away together, please send me an email at

tel : +61 400 992 626

Please note pre payment is required. Some of you like to dangle carrots and waste my time with imaginary trips.

I can usually see you coming pretty quick. Please dont waste your time and mine.

Payment needs to be made pretty fast to confirm your intentions.

Thank you for your understanding.


I should also let you know I will be retiring in 2022. So, if you are wishing to meet me Internationally, dont wait too long. So yes,  2022 will be my final year.