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Are you looking to meet a Luxury Australian escort?

Stephanie Hunter is one of Australia’s top Independent International Escorts, available to meet throughout Australia and Worldwide.

She is a well educated, mature, elite escort available to meet with discerning gentlemen looking for a high class discreet escort to spend time with quietly.

Luxury Australian Escort
High Class Elite Escort in Australia
Top High End Escorts Australia

Elite Luxury Escorts in Australia

On the Internet, you will find a massive amount of options when searching for luxury high end escorts. Problem is , it is information overload.  And everything is not always as it seems. The first  listings that come up are Escort Directories. That is because they are very big websites, and sort of dominate the Internet because of their sheer size. Trully Independent Escorts find it logistically difficult to dominate and even compete on the internet because they are smaller websites. And so pushed back further int he results on search engines.

Nevertheless, If you research for long enough you will find the trully independent escorts online. Directories were wonderful once upon a time. Independents could advertise exclusively there, and so gentlemen could find them easily. However, Escort Agencies have moved in, and many of the escorts listed on directories like Scarlet Blue, Escorts and Babes and Private Girls, are actually not private at all. Many are escort agencies posing as private escorts to fool you into thinking you are booking a private escorts on these directories. So be aware.

Enter Escorts like Stephanie Hunter who have decided to go completely escort directory free. She is visible online because she employs a team to lift her profile online to compete for a place between escort directories in search engines. And so, ultimately to have visibility. So gentlemen like you, will find her. Sort of cutting out the middle man.

If you have found Stephanie through one of the search engines, then it is a win for Stephanie and what she is trying to accomplish.

True independent escort. Not being affiliated to escort directories.

High Class Australian Escort

Stephanie Hunter is one of the original International high class escorts in Australia. Her flagship website has been online since 2000. She is an elegant, sophistiated worldly traveller, and caters for discerning gentlemen globally.

She travelled and toured before the term was invented in mainstream industry circles. Stephanie no longer tours and travels strictly by invitation only.

If you are concerned with discretion, and are particular in the company you keep, Stephanie is the perfect companion.

She does not employ agents, or third parties to answer her day to day emails, make travel arrangemements or confirm her dates. She hadles all of her correspondence and makes her own plans. This ensure there are no mistakes, and total discretion at all times.

Only exception is that she employs a team to look after her online marketing, which is completely separate to the everyday running of her schedule and arrangements she makes.

So, if you have always wanted to meet one of Australia’s Top Independent Escorts, now is your chance.

Get in touch with Stephanie directly to get more information about how to schedule a date to meet.

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